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. welcome to "washington post live" live weekend. we'll look back at some of the best things in the past movement and i caught up with head coach gary williams. and matt bradley stops by to chat all things caps. "washington post live" weekend starts right now. hello everyone. thanks for tuning into "washington post live" weekend.
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college park has been exciting and we can thank vasquez for that. he racked up award after award following hisout standing senior season. and i had a chance to speak to him as we begin the next chapter of his basketball life. check it out. >> here's vasquez with a runner- up the glass. and it's good! 73-69. we have 38 seconds to go. >> better to be lucky and g and if you're both, you're the truth. >> and it's all over. and here come the fans on the floor. gary williams. the fans storming the floor. maryland wins it 79-72.
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>> another award for you. you've been getting them a lot. you had a great career at maryland. what did this mean to you. >> it means a lot. and the first thing i would like to thank god and my teammates and my coaches and family and my country and the smiling fans. it's unbelievable. i don't know how to describe it. how happy i am. and i'm proud of my team and my team did a lot for me this year. so you have to give them credit. >> it's interesting. you get the awards, all- american awards. when you're named after one of the long time legend like bob cousy, that's got to gel great. >> it's a privilege. he was a great point guard. he won so many championships in the nba. he's the best point guard and he's a legend. for me to be -- to receive that award, it was a blessing.
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and like i say, it'sing it some you would ask me that two or three years ago, i think i with be even close to winning. and i'm so happy and proud the people that support me and my high school coaches too. they helped me out to become who i am. >> right, man. and you're going head to indianapolis for the final four. i know part of you wishes that you were playing. are you going to route for michigan state? >> you know what, i like the coach, butt letter is going to be good too. it's going to be fun to watch the games like west virginia and duke. and i'm a big fan of coach gates. but i think west virginia is
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pretty good too. anyone can win. >> the whole tournament was wild. before you know it, you're training hard and getting ready tort nba draft. when did you start that train something. >> i'm going to the final four and coming back on monday and
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well as i want to improve myself. >> malcom from virginia tech is going to put his name in and come back to virginia tech. would you do that advice for that? >> i know all the fans at virginia tech are going crazy because he might leave. it will help him to get better. he's going to work out against guys -- he might work out against guys that are the best guards in the country. so that will help him. and if he comes back it's going to help virginia tech. it's good to test the waters, understanding that if nobody really wants me -- if nobody
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wants him to get drafted, they may take him or they may not. >> and they get a good look at you for next year. >> right. all you have to do is work hard. i think malcom is going to be a great player. and i think what he's doing is the right thing to do. he's got to help himself. i think he'll have a shot. but i think he'll be a better player in he comes back is there one part of your game, specifically that you want to improve based on what you experienced last year and this year as a senior? >> i'm looking forward from the combine in chicago. i love challenge. and this is going to be another challenge for me. so i want to get ready for this and i want to improve my lifting and get quicker and i want to get everybody talking about me in a way that he works hard. i'm more concerned about that.
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and i love doing the core workouts and all that stuff. so i'm kited and i can't wait to start training. >> if you head to the next phase like you did this one, you'll go far. thank you for talking with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. we'll hit the eyes with one of the high flying capitals, matt bradley. that is next when "washington post live" weekend continues.
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some say that it will be a disappointing season if the
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capitals don't win the stanley cup. they made their maiden voyage two years ago and it's hopeful and it's almost insane. it's not because they don't have the talent or the depth. and it remains to be seen if they have the toughness. what they don't have is playoff experience in a core of hardened vets that made up many of the last great nhl teams to raise the cup. and they don't have history on their side. of the last ten to win the trophy, only four have actually drank from t that is less than 50%. till they get out of the first round, can we calm down with the expectations? >> no. they have the best record in the nhl and they have the best player in the world and great home advantage. have great expectations. they're going to win the championship. i'm not going to badmouth them. >> you got to beat pittsburgh.
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that is a major stepping stone for your franchise. >> i'm not going to play down the expectation. >> you run into a hot goalie in the nhl, you got a problem. i'm not as soft as you. >> welcome back. that was mike weis letting off some steam. but the caps continue to be the hottest ticket in town and as the 2010 season was winding down, i caught up with matt bradley to discuss the season and the playoffs ahead. you are in and interesting point in your season. you have the best record in the east. the president's trophy is out there. to what extent do you want to get that and get home ice? how much is that a goal? >> i think it's a big goal. i'm you can say that you are number one in the entire league for the entire season it is a feather in your cap. but our main goal is the playoffs and the stanley cup. but to do -- to win in the
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playoffs and do well there, we have to start playing better to go into the playoffs. >> it's interesting position to be in because you guys played so well all long, almost like -- it's almost like a double- edged sword. human nature to let off the peddle a little bit because you are not desperate. last year you wanted to send a message going in. is it human nature to let up a little bit? how do you guys have to fight that? >> it is. when you get ready so early, you can get hurt and you could start picking up bad habits and that's what we've done the last couple of games. it's going to be a tough series no matter what, so we better get our act together and start playing the caps hockey that has made us successful all year. >> do you kind of wash home i didn't at night when you go
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home and watch some of the teams and start thinking about what you may play and what the matchups might look like? >> i don't watch too much hockey away from the rink. i have a young son and i like to spend time with him. but i check the night before's game and see who won and lost and where the standings are at. it's interesting to see who we might play. >> interesting. you have an interesting perspective on this, matt. you've been here a few years and you see this time of year five seasons ago, half empty building to now where the fans are booing a -- a few fans because the expectation levels are so high. it's amazing how this has come b fans expect greatness. do you ever step back a little bit and say, wow!, i can't believe how this happened? >> for sure. three or four years ago this time i was booking a u-haul to go home. and our fan have been great all year and they make a difference
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and help us out. and they have every right to boo us when we're not playing well because they expect the best and we expect the best from ourselves. we have to start playing better hockey going into the playoff. >> you're from canada. they don't let up up there if the boys don't play well. we're becoming a hockey savvy crowd. >> we've had a lot of fans in the last couple of years and i'm sure they're learning more about the became as they two. so they'll probably pick up an eye little things that they might not pick up on a couple years ago. >> i got to ask you about one of the things that the nhl is talking about, the shots to the head. i know you had a couple concussions. you're wearing the helmet specifically for it and like you said i have a kid now.
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are you happy to see the nhl cracking down on this? >> it comes down -- if they start giving guys long suspensions and guys losing a lot of money for the hits, they're going think twice about doing it. and a lot of hits are unnecessary. if you see a guy in a vulnerable position, everybody has a choice of letting up a bit and not in the head. there's no place in our game for insense nal head shots. gary williams stops by the studios. you're not going want to miss that when "washington post live" returns. faye wh're yng? - musiing 'm nna nite eas hea, w whoa.. lafa ju to throe da do yp th ing o do somewitharet makeard g itut o if ie-le to goughrkda thourett
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- ea - n re any ww cigs. anno ree lif thourettee, ecomorg. w wahink abitti anno ree lif thourettee, c pl ♪s alht, ♪ll rhey! eah,. ♪ anno mov alith loss on of ny w fi f teoais p r mform nagin, g arthain.
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to run a successful college basketball program you need many links. but you need to hire a great
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head coach and in college park, the terp it's have one of the best. i had a chance to sit down with the coach following the exit from the ncaa basketball tournament. here's his take on the final four and the future in college park. i talked to you the day after. tough loss. what have you been up into the interim. golf, relaxing a little? >> the golf will come. right now you try to get everybody calmed down and back on schedule. you missed class with the ncaa basketball tournament. so you get everybody up to speed there. and recruiting. you're still trying to finish up recruiting a little bit. all those things take place. it's hard that end is so sudden this year. we thought
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on january 12, a massive earthquake ravaged haiti's capital, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and leaving millions more without water, food, and shelter. during our time in public service, we've witnessed firsthand the extraordinary generosity of the american people in the face of tragedy, here at home and around the world. and in the aftermath of the earthquake, once again americans came together in the spirit of our common humanity that is so characteristic of our great nation. but there's still so much to do. we must continue helping those most in need while also focusing on the long-term recovery of the people of haiti. please join the clinton bush haiti fund and other organizations as we answer this urgent call to help the people of haiti. give now, because there's an opportunity for the people of haiti to build what they want to become, not just rebuild what they used to be. thank you. thank you.
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if you've like anything what you've seen in the past half hour, check us out on "washington post live" for the best of sports talk only on comcast sportsnet. before we go, take a lack back at the best and some of the funniest movements on -- moments on dvr rewind. >> you may have never heard of the name bobby. >> here we go. >> you look like violet. >> you look like mr. rodgers. >> you mean with the sweater. >> it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> excuse me. it does look like you have a
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-- when you. >> i all wanted to dress like my dad. this is how my dad looked. so i'm cool. >> he probably had a bigger collar. >> plushed velvet, red. >> i've seen several guys come to the washington redskins. they were great when they put on shells and helmets. >> this is the first time you had to bench someone this year, though in. >> no, not the first time. he could be one of the great players -- whoops that is me. >> that's you in. >> yes. >> problem -- this is my players, we'd be out reasoning now. >> i can't bench you, you already benched me. >> you can bench me now. >> guys get healthy, technically he's back. but is he back in the game? is he able to see the puck come at him?
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i don't see the same guy. >> you know jay of "washington post live" out there. when you see the suit that he wore on the show today, you'll be killing him. it's cream colored, 18 buttons. matt, please get on him tonight in the locker room. that's the first thing i'm saying. when you see on him, get on him. >> and classic afro, too. >> yes. not a good look for ivan carter right now.

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